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Cake Options

We offer semi-customizable single tier party cakes in five signature flavors throughout the year. First choose frosting style, then select flavor, size and floral style. Scroll below for details on options and shop them all here

Our Limited Edition Flavors are offered in a set frosting style featuring a simple seasonal garnish.  Shop our Holiday collection here.

For variations on any of our signature flavors or styles, please send us a custom inquiry.

For details on ordering cut-offs and Holiday hours, hop over to our How It Works page.

Current Menu

Golden Vanilla

Baked with housemade crème fraîche, our Golden Vanilla has a fluffy, rich crumb–an ideal canvas for whatever fresh or preserved fruits the season brings. Through December, this signature flavor features fig preserves with Madeira Mascarpone cream, and it's available in a variety of vanilla buttercream frosting styles.

Seasonal Citrus

Crafted for citrus purists, our seasonal citrus is baked with sour cream and loads of fragrant citrus zest and juice. Through the holidays, this signature flavor features velvety Meyer Lemon curd between each layer. Pro-tip: try our Seasonal Curd style for pure lemony bliss.

Floral Funfetti

A flavorful twist on a childhood favorite, our funfetti gets its color-flecked layers from edible flowers including blue cornflower, rose, calendula and tart hibiscus. Floral Funfetti cakes are filled with vanilla cream cheese frosting and available in a variety of buttercream styles. Or skip the buttercream business and try our OG variation.

Rainbow Carrot

Our top-selling flavor for over a decade, our carrot features a simple spice cake baked with organic tri-color carrots and filled with salted caramel and vanilla cream cheese frosting. Carrot cakes are available in a variety of frosting styles and always free of nuts and raisins.

Dark Chocolate

Baked with dark chocolate, dutched cocoa and a hint of coffee, this layer cake has deeply satisfying flavor and light, fluffy texture. Filled with vanilla cream cheese frosting and a rich layer of dark chocolate ganache, cakes are available in our signature "dirt" style or in a variety of vanilla buttercream options.

Limited Edition Apple Spice

A cold weather favorite, our Apple Spice cake features a classic brown sugar buttermilk cake full of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves and chock-full of shredded apple. Cakes are layered with maple-scented Candy Cap cream cheese frosting and finished in a brown sugar buttercream - semi-naked style or fully frosted with a drizzle of nocino caramel sauce for the holidays.

Limited Edition Wahoo Stout

Available for a limited time, our Wahoo Stout is our local spin on an Irish classic. Baked with Three Notch’d Brewery Jack’s Java Espresso Stout , this boozy chocolate cake is filled with cheese frosting infused with Vitae Spirits coffee liqueur and salted caramel. Cakes are available naked or semi-naked with a thin layer of coffee liqueur Swiss meringue buttercream and salted caramel. Or try our monogrammed "V" variation for some sweet team spirit.

Limited Edition Olive Oil-Cranberry

Organic olive oil layers baked with rosemary, almond meal and citrus zests, this flavorful cake if filled with housemade cranberry-lime jam and sweet mascarpone. Cakes are available semi-naked style and garnished with sugared cranberries and rosemary.

Limited Edition Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate-hazelnut nut layers filled housemade hazelnut praline pastry cream, nutella and hazelnut praline crumbles. Cakes are frosted in a silky layer of chocolate ganache and finished in touch of edible gold flake.

Limited Edition Ginger Cookies'n'Cream

This one's dedicated to Santa and the kiddos. Fluffy layers of vanilla cake are filled with maple-ginger cookie cream cheese frosting. Cakes are finished naked style (with exposed layers) and garnished with cookie crumbles. Rich, comforting and a perfect pairing with milk–or bourbon.

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