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We offer eight flavors each month including our five signature flavors and three seasonal flavors. Our Seasonal Flavors are available by the slice in-store and by pre-order through the month.

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Crafted for citrus purists, our signature citrus is baked with fresh lemon zest and filled with velvety lemon curd. Whole cakes can be finished in a variety of buttercream styles or topped with another layer of lemon curd.


Baked with housemade crème fraîche, our Golden Vanilla layers featured a fluffy, rich crumb and light whipped vanilla bean chantilly cream filling. Frosted in vanilla bean buttercream, this simple confection is a treat for all ages and our cake with the lowest sugar.


Our top-selling flavor for over a decade, our carrot features a simple spice cake baked with organic tri-color carrots and filled with salted caramel and vanilla cream cheese frosting. Carrot cakes are available in a variety of frosting styles and always free of nuts and raisins.


A flavorful twist on a childhood favorite, our funfetti gets its color-flecked layers from edible flowers including blue cornflower, rose, calendula and tart hibiscus. Floral Funfetti cakes are filled with vanilla cream cheese frosting and available in a variety of buttercream styles.


Baked with dark chocolate, dutched cocoa and a hint of coffee, this layer cake has deeply satisfying flavor and light, fluffy texture. Filled with vanilla cream cheese frosting and a rich layer of dark chocolate ganache, cakes are available in our signature "dirt" style, ganache or in a variety of vanilla buttercream options.

COCONUT-PASSION FRUIT - available January and February

Rich layers of fluffy coconut cake, filled with tart and velvety housemade passion fruit curd. Cakes are topped with cream cheese frosting, a thin layer of curd and ribbons of coconut flake.

NATURAL VELVET - available February only

Made with buttermilk and a hint of cocoa, our variation of this classic Southern favorite gets its crimson-hue and super moist crumb naturally from beet purée. This festive and longtime Cake Bloom favorite is offered naked style and filled with vanilla cream cheese frosting. 

TIRAMISU - available January and February

Inspired by our favorite Italian dessert, this decadent treat features Golden Vanilla layers brushed in espresso, cocoa powder and a rich Vitae Spirits coffee liqueur mascarpone cream.