April Flavors Now Available

Savory Boards

We offer savory menu items Wednesday through Sunday perfect for lunch, light dinner or anytime in between. Please note - our menus are subject to change.

Savory Bar Snacks

warm rosemary nuts, spicy cheese coins, mushroom pâté


Roe and Chips

Smoked Trout Roe served with kettle chips and housemade crème fraîche


Cheese Board

Mt Tam triple cream, housemade honey butter, Ewephoria sheep's milk gouda, pimiento cheese, seasonal fruit


Mac'n'Cheese + Greens

housemade classic mac'n'cheese with simple green salad


Seasonal Soup + Salad

varies with the season; served with simple salad


Tam'n'Jam Panini

featuring seasonal fruit preserves oozing with our favorite triple creme cow's milk cheese on grilled sourdough and served with choice of green or farro salad


Garden Board

Farm fresh crudite selection served with dukkah, extra virgin olive oil, peruvian pink salt, cultured butter, herbed cream cheese 


Jumbo Popovers

warm, golden brown popovers available two ways:

SWEET - housemade honey butter, cultured butter and seasonal fruit preserves

SAVORY - smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese and sliced cucumber.

Sweet: 1 for $5; 4 for $12

Savory: 1 for $9; 4 for $22