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8-Slice Sampler
8-Slice Sampler
8-Slice Sampler
8-Slice Sampler

8-Slice Sampler


Perfect for dinner parties or birthdays, our eight slice sampler box features every slice of our current monthly lineup.

Available beginning April 1st, our deluxe sampler box features a taste of each of our signature flavors, plus three limited edition flavors. Order for local delivery or pick-up–or leave a note at checkout if you'd like to reserve a table and enjoy in shop with bubbles!

Each box includes:

  • Golden Vanilla with vanilla bean chantilly
  • Lemon cake filled with blueberry curd, and topped with blueberry compote
  • Floral Funfetti with vanilla cream cheese frosting and edible flowers
  • Rainbow Carrot with salted caramel and vanilla cream cheese frosting
  • Dark chocolate with dark chocolate ganache, cream cheese frosting and robin's egg blue buttercream
  • Lady Grey infused with Earl Grey tea, filled with lavender-lemon curd and lavender buttercream
  • Spring Orchard - almond cake filled with St. Germain-infused strawberries and chantilly
  • Rhubarb Twirl - vanilla-raspberry marble cake with sweet rhubarb cream and frosted in pink berry buttercream 

We sell out of our slice offerings quickly each day and can't always guarantee eight different flavors for walk-in customers. To guarantee a full variety, pre-ordering our sampler box is strongly recommended.

All slices are nut-free.

*Photos are not representative of current slice selection