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Floral Styles


Featuring a mix of fresh, edible botanicals, our summer floral crowns include 3-5 botanical elements that sit directly on top of edge of cake.

Since botanicals are not hydrated, we recommend ordering this style for the same day you’ll be enjoying it, when petals and leaves are at their peak.

Botanicals may include any of the following:

fresh mint, fresh basil, flowering thyme, fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, pansy, calendula, bachelor’s buttons, zinnia petals, dahlia petals, lavender, marigold, bee balm, feverfew, dianthus, and other edible blooms



Our signature style features small vertical arrangement of 1-2 fresh stems and seasonal greenery that are tucked inside a small hydrating pick within the cake.

Since stems are hydrated, this style can last up to 24 hours (or longer) from the time you receive it.

Botanicals may include any of the following:

zinnia, dahlia, chive blossom, rose geranium, flowering herbs, calendula, chamomile, lavender, nasturtium, bee balm, asparagus fronds, oregano, hops, amaranth, sunflowers and other seasonal, edible blooms.