Our Story

We are five sisters combining talents, skills and varied passions to help propel the brand our baby sister, Susan, began in 2012 into new and exciting markets. 

Founded on the west coast as a wedding cake business, Susan brought her talents and family to Virginia in late 2019 and launched Cake Bloom Charlottesville soon after, right at the beginning of the pandemic. With a focus on a home delivery model and small party cake format, her new iteration of Cake Bloom was enthusiastically embraced by quarantined sweet tooths and the local community alike.  With love and support (and a little bit of FOMO), Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah and Paige helped their baby sister bring her vision of a brick and mortar cake cafe and sparkling wine bar to life.

At the heart of our mission is a desire to bring the extra special to all occasions, which may stem from our upbringing on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.

Baby Susan came along when her sisters were well into high school, and nothing was more memorable than celebrating the baby. Whether it was a birthday, a holiday or a family beach trip, the simple act of being together was always cause for celebration. And celebrate we did. Very well. 

The themes, the favors and especially the dessert drew upon each sister's unique talent and surely laid the foundation for a future business and our natural tendencies go the extra mile.

Our collective backgrounds in baking, event planning, design of all stripes and general love of our people has led our sister-strong team down a rabbit hole of finding just the perfect touch or embellishment to make a memorable occasion unforgettable. We search for the finest ingredients, seasonal and local whenever possible, and add beautifully-arranged florals and pressed botanicals to create something truly one-of-a-kind. Detail permeates all aspects of our brand.

Put simply, we strive to treat our people well and hope you’ll join us.